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A history of nearly 100 years

For more than 90 years, Monti-Mac has stood for excellence, passion and inimitable professionalism in sewing process automation.

Founded back in 1931, Monti-Mac is located in Como, which has always been a landmark of the global textile scene.

To date it boasts a modern facility in Lurate Caccivio (CO) with state-of-the-art machinery and first-rate technological resources.
Reliability, seriousness and quality are core values of the company.

Andrea, Fabio and Giovanni Monti

Over 90 years of experience

"Never stop!"

We must firmly believe in young people, in the future, in research and development so that enthusiasm and the innate desire to innovate combined with industry experience will be the perfect combination to achieve the increasingly ambitious goals in front of Monti-Mac.

An innate passion since 1931

"Our first 90 years tell a pioneering history, of intuitions, of sacrifices and of successes!

They tell how our company was able to overcome the war period and, thanks to the revitalization brought by each generation, come to be the esteemed company it is today.
A company synonymous with prestige, excellence, innovation and experience, able to offer innovative solutions to textile customers around the world.

Seriousness, enthusiasm and love for our work are the values that after so many years I continue to see in the eyes of my closest collaborators and that spur me together with my son Andrea to think about the next goals for the future."

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Fabio Monti


Over 90 years of experience

With more than 90 years of experience in industrial automation and countless resources invested in research and development, Monti-Mac boasts the world's highest quality standards for sewing, cutting, handling and transport solutions for textiles (traditional and technical).
A concentrate of reliability, flexibility and environmentally sustainable quality serving more than 3,000 customers who have put their trust in our brand to date.

Preparazione tessuti

Preparazione tessuti alla nobilitazione con cucitura testa-coda e movimentazione rotoli automatica.

Preparazioni Cimosse

Prearazione cimosse alla stampa digitale con sistema brevettato di taglio gestito da camere digitali.

Cucitura, taglio e manipolazione

Cucitura, taglio e manipolazione di geotessili, Tnt, kevlar destinati al mondo delle costruzioni, difesa, nauti e paesaggistica.
Via Repubblica, 11 – 22075 Lurate Caccivio (CO)

Monti-Mac s.r.l. C.F./P.IVA 00263920134 Reg.Imp.Como
R.E.A. Como 121502 Cap. Soc. € 35.000,00 i.v.

tel:+39 031 390655

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